Friday, February 7, 2014

What Long-Term Care Services Medicare Covers

One of the biggest misconceptions about Medicare is that it will pay for one's long-term care costs. This is not true, in fact Medicare covers very little of the costs for long-term care services and it is largely restricted to specific illnesses or injuries and only pays for benefits for a short period of time. For example if you enter a nursing home for a stroke or a broken bone, Medicare should cover these costs. However, Medicare does not provide coverage for those who enter a nursing home for an indefinite amount of time because they are disabled or no longer able to care for themselves. Nor, does Medicare cover assisted living care or adult daycare.

Medicare will help pay for one's recovery in skilled nursing care facility for up to 100 days, after a three day hospital stay. Medicare will also pay for some home health care if needed because of an of an illness or injury and your doctor says that you need short-term care. Medicare will pay for nurses and therapists for typically no more than 35 hours per week in the home.

As you can see, Medicare is not for the long-term, rather it will cover some short-term care. For more information visit -


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