Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program FAQ's

Below are some FAQ's in regards to those who are interested in purchasing a long-term care Partnership Policy or may already own a traditional policy and want to convert it.

Q. Are both long-term care insurance policies and certificated eligible to be in the Partnership Program?

A. Yes, both policies and certificates are eligible to be in the Partnership Program. The difference between a policy and a certificate is simple. A policy is an individual contract issued by an insurance company in the state in which it is bought. A certificate describes a group of coverage for an insured under a master policy, which may or may not have been issued in the state where the policyholder lives. Read your policy or certificate, or contact the Division of Insurance to find out if the coverage that you have gives you Partnership Protection.

Q. What if I already have a long-term care insurance policy or certificate and want to change the policy or certificate to a Partnership policy or certificate?

A. Contact your insurance company to inquire if you are eligible for an exchange to a long-term care Partnership Policy for certificate.

Q. Can a Partnership Policy or certificate be cancelled by the insurance company?

A. Long-term care insurance policies or certificates, including Partnership Policies or certificates, may not be cancelled by the insurance company when the premiums are being paid on time.

To learn more about long-term care insurance Partnership programs visit www.ltcpartnershiponly.com


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