Thursday, January 10, 2013


In fact with the passage of the new legislation the only part of the law that dealt with Long Term Care was removed because the Feds could not figure out a way to get enough money to pay for it!

There might be a dilemma of who will assist you with future long-term care services and how will you pay for them, this might be a concern of yours or your family's; we now know for certain that we can't rely on the government.

Currently, there is one thing for certain.  Obama care does not cover custodial/personal care (i.e. activities of daily living; bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, continence, and transferring).  In fact, about the only government program that will pay for care provided in a nursing home, assisted living facility or home health care is Medicaid.  However, you must financially qualify for Medicaid by meeting the asset and income requirements.  Then, Medicaid is very restrictive in their eligibility of care at home or in an assisted living facility. 

Did you know most long-term care services in this country are provided by family members?

Would you be interested in a policy that provides a monthly cash benefit, once the benefit triggers and elimination period have been satisfied? 

 The cash benefit is sent to you each month you qualify and the choice is yours on how to spend it!  The monthly cash can be used to pay family members!!   Or you can put the cash in the bank...


  1. It is a pity that new low does not cover long-term insurance as really, we all know that despite it being a little bit more expensive it is way more profitable. Well, you can always take out famous fast cash advance if you lack some small amount of money. Thank you for the provided news, though. Maybe I will be interested in a monthly cash benefit!

  2. The dilemma about who will assist a senior person in the future is not an issue anymore because of long term care. How will pay for them? I know some are really expensive but there are affordable plans available that can guarantee the safety and security of the senior people. If the States institution doesn't support this, people should be the one to make their own move. Learn more of the affordable LTC I'm talking about through this resource

  3. This health care law is a clear indication that people should start preparing for their future needs as early as possible and to take the responsibility of funding their long-term health care needs. Purchasing insurance is the best way to cover your expenses and it's still the more affordable option compared to paying for your expenses straight from your pockets. Also, there are ways to keep your premiums down such as by purchasing early, by availing of spousal or group discounts and by creating a smaller and still beneficial policy for you.

  4. If you study the cost of care in each state, notice that the rates of LTC settings do not go up altogether. In some states the rates of nursing homes are going up speedily, while in others nursing home rates have remained flat as the cost of assisted living facilities advance ceaselessly. Know more about long term care on - long term care insurance cost

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