Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Term Care Insurance For Same Sex Domestic Partners

Building the life that is right for you takes long planning to protect it. However, not many people have the financial resources to pay for the ongoing Long Term Care they might need as a result of a serious illness, injury, or disability. This can be especially true for member of the same sex community, where planning for care can present some unique challenges.

Long Term Care can pose some care issues and financial penalties on the same sex community. By being covered by Long Term Care Insurance this will help to relieve you of the having to rely too much on your partner for physical help.

There are several Long Term Care Insurance policies offered by major Long Term Care insurance companies that offer a same sex domestic partner discount. Another great benefit that is offered is a shared care rider to same sex partners where the benefit will allow you to use your partner's benefit dollars once yours has been depleted.

Plan for you Long Term Care now, and avoid being a burden to your partner in the future - Request a quote!

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  1. It’s a common misconception that LTC insurance is only for the aged. Anyone with a chronic illness will also need long term care. In fact, if bought at an old age, LTC costs more. The right time to buy your long term care insurance is probably the middle age. That is when you’ll be highly eligible and thus will be allowed lower rates for coverage. However, after a certain age an individual may face the dilemma of choosing between his life and LTC insurance policy, especially if financial conditions don’t permit to continue both forms of coverage. While life insurance policy promises financial security to the beneficiary, LTC will actually serve the insurance holder in his or her lifetime. One another advantage that LTC promises is that it can help you in protecting your assets.

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  3. This is unfair that same sex community members are treated differently. Do they pay taxes also differently? No! So why can't they have the same terms for long term care insurance? Unfortunately due to this problem such people in case of serious injuries have to rely on payday loans lenders like http://paydayloans24.org to get fast cash and pay out incurance bills.