Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Term Care Insurance Only Undergoes New Website Redesign


Long Term Care Insurance Only Undergoes New Website Redesign

With a new website redesign and layout, long Term Care Insurance Only plans to expand their services to those who have access to a computer. The website will be user friendly and constantly updated with insurance related news topics.

Los Angeles, California – April 21, 2010 – Long Term Care Insurance Only, (, a United States based term care insurance informational website has undergone major renovations and changes to the website. The new website will have an updated, user friendly interface that is easy to navigate through and contains up-to-date news and articles regarding term health care.

The newly redesigned website will feature a news section that is made to help customers better understand what LTC insurance is and what it is used for. This will help those who are confused about the benefits and whether or not they need long term care insurance for themselves and their family. There is even a free quote section for those who want to get more information about LTC insurance.

Within the new site will be a section completely dedicated to articles related to long term health care and LTC insurance. These articles will help those make better decisions and fully understand what long term health care is all about. This is a largely untapped market and getting a strong foothold can ensure the company’s success in the future. There will be new articles posted often, showcasing important studies, industry updates, and other useful information.

Owner of long term care insurance only, which is a subsidiary website to LTC Solutions, George Mellendorf says, “The new website looks stunning, both visually and functionally. It is so easy to use and navigate through. I am extremely pleased with the changes and updates to the site and look forward to sharing it with the world!” The site is nearing its official release date and everyone is excited to see the new site go live.

Along with all the changes made to the website will include a brand new blog. Topics include long term health care tips, tricks, advice, and much more. The blog will be consistently updated with new information on a weekly basis to help consumers make informed decisions about their term life care insurance.


Long Term Care Insurance Only/LTC Solutions offers exceptional customer care and service with all their clients. Their main goal is to provide qualify long term care insurance that meets or exceeds the customers expectations at the time of utilization. LTC Insurance Only is proud to offer free quotes and consultations with a licensed long term care insurance specialist at their website The agents at Long Term Care Insurance Only continues to take outstanding care of each individual potential customer, personally reviewing every personals personal needs, and coming up with a package that best suits their needs. They are proud and look forward to servicing long term health care needs.

Contact Info:

George Mellendorf, President of LTC Solutions

Long Term Care Insurance Only

3501 Del Prado Blvd.

Unit 202

Cape Coral, FL 33094 (United States)

Phone: 239-540-1663




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  1. I really like the website changes. It looks good, really amazing. I hope you keep up the good work